Parsha: Chayei Sarah

25 CHESVAN 5780 / 23 NOVEMBER 2019

The last few days were incredibly busy ( will write some thoughts about it a bit later), but here is my take on this week’s portion. Torah portion called “chayei Sarah” we read about the death of Sarah, but in reality, the portion actually discusses “her life.” I see the profound meaning of this paradox. Sarah’s social status and its impact on the future of her family and the people, was so great and significant, that not only did it not end at the time of her death, but in fact, it increased and strengthened subsequently to her passing. Sarah’s physical death was turned into an intellectual path for Jewish life, it had a direct impact on events following her passing – her relationships became a role model for so many. Her relationship with G-d, with her husband, her son, and even with neighbors and people she met. Sarah, our mother, was quite the “modern” woman. She led her life with a clear vision and purpose. She had the courage to follow her own convictions, no matter how progressive they were at the time. She led her life as a role model for women of her era . . . as well as our own. I somehow think Sarah could teach our modern Jewish woman a thing or two.