21 ELUL 5779 / 21 SEPTEMBER 2019

Some thought on our Torah portion: Ki Tavo- Moses instructs the Israelites regarding the first fruit offering. Moses then lists the blessings the people will enjoy if they keep the commandments, and the punishments they will suffer for disobeying them. Moses goes through the many blessings that will be received by the people of Israel.This is important as it shows how good G-d has been to the people. Even in times of despair, G-d always showed the people of Israel that he was always there and always delivered on his word. True to that G-d was also very clear that there are consequences should you go against the commandments. Something that we forget sometimes, we choose to focus on something specific – it’s much easier to see the “curse” and not the blessing,people are so quick to forget about all of the good that G-d provides to us each and every day and people will focus on one thing that maybe they haven’t received and think that life is terrible and unfair. If we will be honest with ourselves – I am sure that this thought crossed our mind – but the important thing is to pull myself and almost take stock of my life and count all of the blessinga that G-d has richly blessed me and each of us with.