Shacharit Service at the Dam

Today 30 November 2019, was the first of hopefully many Unity Shabbat Services attended by the four Gauteng congregations.(Beit Emanuel, Beit Luria, Bet David, Bet Menorah and Temple Israel- Hillbrow).

The service was shared by the three Rabbis (Rabbi Sa’ar Shaked, Rabbi Adrian Schell and Rabbi Julia Margolis)

The delightful service in the Emmarentia Botanical Gardens was a really refreshing way to celebrate Shabbat.

The service was well attended and followed by a picnic in the beautiful surroundings,

Netzer were on hand to keep the young ones entertained in the playground.

Rabbi Julia Margolis said of the service:

“Shaharit at the dam. Bliss.

While I was talking about our weekly portion Toldot, I quoted from the book of Genesis
“This is the line of Isaac”, or “these are the generations of Isaac”: “eleh toldot”. I was thinking of this phrase and what it may mean to us as we age. We all have our personal chronicles of our own family and today was a beautiful example for our next generation.

Thank you everyone for coming and sharing this morning with us.
Shavua Tov